July 13, 2024


Guest Post Out Reach Services

Buying New Vs Used Screen Printing Screen Printing Equipment

When it’s time for your business to invest in screen printing equipment in your store, the question most often arises: “Should we buy new screen printing equipment or used screen printing equipment?” Questions arise. Whatever you invest in, from screen printers to dryers, questions arise and you need to think seriously.

Used devices are usually cheap to boot, but can change quickly after use.

Asking questions about the screen printing equipment is very important. Was the screen printing equipment repaired first? How old? Are parts and services still available? Is the company still up and running? Is the machine properly maintained? And why is it sold first?

There are many strangers to used screen-printed products,

Especially those that have experienced multiple owners or are unable to speak directly to the owners. The problem is as easy as missing a part that the company no longer manufactures. Investing in defective screen printing equipment can put your company in a downward spiral from the beginning. Used devices can fail, and the resulting quality degradation has a direct impact on the customer.

But what’s new is exactly what it says new.

Most new machines have warranty, inventory parts, sales and service departments, and helpful customer service. You can eliminate the risk of screen printing equipment manufacturers failure before you get your money. This removes the mystery of your purchase decision. In other words, when you buy a new one, you don’t get all the questions about what to use.

Newer devices tend to be the latest version, even on the same machine, with features, more robust parts, and technology not found in older versions. The price of new screen printing equipment can be high initially, but the return on investment is much higher and will last longer in recent years. A good screen printer should be able to keep up with your growth.

Take a moment before spending the cash you earned hard, and you will save yourself years of sadness, wasted money, and time!