June 11, 2024


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Buy Trendy Long Dresses in Pakistan at Affordable Rates: The Complete Guide

Summers are just around the corner, and just like everyone else, you know the sheer fact that summers in Pakistan are only about three things, rain, mangoes, and long dresses. Gone are the days when women only had trousers and a kurta as the only option. Now that the fashion industry is changing, evolving, and expanding in Pakistan, long dresses are also on the rise.

Women are opting to buy long dresses in Pakistan because of the timeless designs, versatility, chicness, and comfort it brings. Yes, with such a wide range of options available, choosing the one that looks flattering on oneself might be overwhelming, but once you have it in your wardrobe, you will understand how unique and a must clothing staple it is.

Many women flocks towards long dresses in Pakistan because of how flattering they look on every body type. Be it skinny or curvy, the long dresses cover all problematic areas perfectly, and the flare or her at the end gives it a flowy look that adds more definition and more beauty to our overall outfit.

Apart from getting benefits like appearing leaner and slimmer, it completely amps up your entire look when women accessorize their long dresses with aesthetic jewelry and heels. The trendy long dresses are on the rise in Pakistan for all the right reasons.


Things to Consider

When you plan to buy long dresses in Pakistan, you need to understand that there are so many things that you need to consider before you invest in any dress. First thing first, your body type. Choose the style, design, and prints that suit your body type and enhance your features. Choose the easy fabric on your skin and colors that compliment your skin tone.

There are many things to check from length to print, but since the fashion world has expanded greatly in Pakistan, you will find an extensive range of long dresses with new designs and trends.

Choosing your ideal one from a plethora of dresses can be very challenging and overwhelming, but once you look thoroughly and deeply into it, you will get the idea of which kind of long dress will suit you. Also, check the price tags to ensure it’s under your budget.

Typically, the prices of long dresses depend on the quality of fabric and design; however, you still need to look for stores where you can buy long dresses in Pakistan at very affordable prices.

Wearing and styling long dresses might seem extremely fantastic, but it does not mean that you go over budget.

To buy long dresses in Pakistan, here are our top 7 picks that have been in the fashion game for so long and are known for selling high-quality finest long dresses at very affordable and competitive prices.


Lylac by Maheen

Some women like to have customized long dresses to meet their beauty and fashion needs. Not many brands or stores offer this service, but Lylac by Maheen has been creating and making long dresses that are not only unique in terms of designs and patterns but also look extremely captivating due to their fine colors and high-quality fabric.

The budding brand is known for presenting timeless and memorable designs for long dresses that look flattering and are stitched with such preciseness that they easily cover all the flaws and problematic places of the body.

It’s time to radiate beauty, elegance, and royalness by buying long dresses in Pakistan. The intricate designs and modern take on the long dresses make them so different, more feminine, fancy, and graceful.


Mantra Collection Pakistan

Long dresses have changed the entire fashion industry of Pakistan. Since they are the perfect fusion of eastern and western clothes, women are seen styling them in unique ways to achieve ideal and iconic looks.

Mantra collection is widely known for selling the best and fine quality long dresses and matching accessories to look trendy and aesthetic. They have an extensive collection of long dresses at affordable rates in different patterns, fabrics, and colors.



It is time to feel pretty by buying long dresses in Pakistan by Sifona. Although this is the new brand in the market, they are already known for selling the best long dresses at affordable prices. They understand the requirements of their clients and thus create pieces that instantly amp up the style and outlook of the women.

Their fabric has been remarkably soft on the skin and breathable. You can buy long dresses in Pakistan in every fabric from silk to chiffon and organza at very affordable rates. Never compromise on quality and rates and buy long dresses in Pakistan from Sifona. From weddings to casual party wear, they have got you covered.


Asim Jofa

Asim Jofa is one of the popular and well-known names in the fashion world. They are known for their quality fabric, unique design, highly appealing colors, and minimal fancy approach to long dresses.

They have modified the long dresses, and hence they have created long dresses that are a perfect combination of soft work, fancy looks, bright colors, and flattering on every body type.



Nakoosh was launched back in 2012, and ever since then, they have become the ultimate go-to place for women who wants to buy long dresses for weddings and other events. They have branches in every important and prominent mall in Pakistan.

They have a wide variety of bridal clothes along with long dresses that look exceptionally appealing and flattering on every woman. They have a unique approach to their designs; hence, their new cuts and designs are what make their long dresses stand out. If you are looking to buy long dresses in Pakistan, Nakoosh is should be your go-to option.


Order and buy your favorite long dresses in Pakistan from the comfort of your home and create distinctive and impressive looks.


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