July 17, 2024


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Best aluminum doors for House And Side Entrances

From classic to modern, from stylish to unusual: best aluminum doors represent the present and the future at the same time. They have excellent properties. They have a long shelf life. And they can be used in many ways. Even more – they shape your property and give the entrance to your home an unmistakable flair.

But that’s not all: best aluminum doors, either in standard dimensions or manufactured to the exact centimeter according to your wishes, is always a good solution for new buildings or modernization. Thanks to the special filling material, our aluminum house doors achieve excellent thermal insulation and soundproofing values ​​- both indoors and outdoors. This lowers heating costs and creates real comfort zones with a wow factor right at the entrance.

Front doors

Aluminum entrance doors are a good choice if you want a long-lasting entrance door with very good stability. They have excellent thermal insulation and many of our models are suitable for use as passive house doors. The material is easy to care for and requires very little maintenance. The topic of security gains in importance when it comes to choosing a front door. With an aluminum front door you also have a great variety of designs. Be it the size of the door or the look. In addition to standard best aluminum doors, our range offers a large number of made- to-measure aluminum front doors.

There are no limits to the look and especially the choice of color. In our shop you can order your front door in your desired RAL color. The optical diversity of the aluminum panels ranges from classic models, such as country house doors, to modern aluminum house doors in an exclusive design. The right equipment, such as a few handle sets, round off the configuration of your individual front door. The subject of security never loses its value. Most of our house doors have been awarded resistance class RC2 . The burglar-resistant design and secure swivel hook locks create a high level of security and of course a feeling of security for you personally.

Side entrance doors

In addition to the front door, there are other entrances that require a door. For example, there is access to the garage, workshop or basement. If you want to rely on high-quality doors and quality for these doors, an aluminum side entrance door is a good choice. From a simple model to doors that look like a house door, our shop offers you a large selection.

We offer fillings without glass, with glass and models that are optically enhanced by a stainless steel application. If you opt for a side entrance door made of aluminum, you can take advantage of the material. Best aluminum doors are easy to care for , have a long service life and a high degree of stability. Adjoining rooms are often narrow and serve as storage space. In many cases, this poses a space problem.