June 16, 2024


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5 Technical SEO Elements That Affect Your Website Ranking

5 Technical SEO Elements That Affect Your Website Ranking

SEO is not all about content optimization, keywords, and link building. The SEO activities include technical considerations which affect the ranking. Search engines are constantly changing their requirements, and it is difficult for businesses to keep up. Many firms offer SEO services London to ensure your website is continuously refined and updated with the times. With Technical SEO, you can lay the groundwork for your content and link. It creates the best possible environment for your marketing content to shine. We have compiled the elements that are a part of the technical SEO setup for a website.

1. Page Speed and Loading Time

Page load time significantly affects sales, and even a 100 ms delay can lead to a one percent decrease for eCommerce giants like Amazon. The website speed is the time it takes to load the content on a page completely. It is one of the top 10 factors that affect your SEO ranking. The site performance affects not only the end-users but also Google’s algorithm. The faster the website, the better it will be overall. 

Using SEO services London, there are many ways to bring down the loading time and keep page speeds optimized. Adopting a more straightforward template and limiting the design elements on a page is one of them. You can choose minimalist interfaces and optimize visuals instead. Invest in sharp lines, colors, and patterns and adjust their sizes as well. A large picture will take longer to load, even if it is the only one on the page. Compress the photographs and use the appropriate formats for the correct type of file. Another big no when it comes to page speed is the number of redirecting links on the page.

2. Mobile Friendliness

The second technical SEO element is as important as page speed because more and more users are now relying on their mobile phones as the primary internet-based device. Google rolled out a new algorithm in 2015 which included the mobile components of a website in the search engine ranking. The desktop era ended with it, so we move on to the fresh waters of mobile search.

Mobile-friendliness dramatically affects how a website appears on a smaller device, and it plays a significant role in the local search results for any search engine. Luckily, Google has also released a mobile-friendly test tool so business owners can analyze, evaluate and optimize their websites for the best performance on a smartphone or tablet device.

3. Website Architecture

SEO services London also includes developing a website architecture that is SEO-friendly. It is another technical consideration to be taken into account. Many web developers underestimate the importance of a sitemap when creating a digital platform—the URL structure and its security also affect the SEO ranking. The HTTPS protocol is more secure and preferred by users as well as search engines. Having a keyword relevant to the page in the URL also helps build a stronger case for your website regarding the ranking algorithm.

4. Structured Data

Structured data or rich snippets are a technical SEO element for websites. Google identifies the resource type by analyzing the on-page content and related optimization. Rich snippets are there to improve the display and help search engines rank and are a part of SEO services London. These include highlights from the content in response to a specific query. 

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For example, when you Google a guide to sewing buttons, you will see results from many to-do websites and expert blogs. The rich snippets include helpful information like user reviews and ratings. You can also see how much time it would take you to complete the task and what tools you need for it without even clicking on a link.

5. Duplicate Content

Technical SEO addresses errors on a website and how you can avoid them. Duplicate content is one issue that can result in problems for your website and business. SEO services London helps replace low-quality content with more targeted text, pictures, videos, and links. Google continues to check the quality of resources and does not rank websites with the same spam-like messages higher than those with original content.

Using the exact copy for all pages may seem tempting, especially when products are so similar, but it might significantly affect your SEO ranking. Check your website through the Google Search problems for any issues. It will let you know if there are errors in appearance, HTML, or other aspects that you need to address.