July 17, 2024


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5 Major Culprits Of Dents And Scratches On Flooring

5 Major Culprits Of Dents And Scratches On Flooring

5 Major Culprits Of Dents And Scratches On Flooring

Floorings are no doubt the favorite choice of people in 2021. Hardwood is known as the most durable and attractive flooring material. Thus, it not only looks beautiful but provides very fascinating features. You can keep the flooring made of wood as long as you’re taking enough care.

 Moreover, Hardwood Flooring is such an insulating nature material. And it’s just perfect to beat down the temperature extremes. But in their lifespan, wood flooring can suffer dents and scratches. So, here in this article, you will get to know some of the common causes of dents and scratches on wood floors. Let’s have a look at them below.

What’s In This Article?

  • Sharp Sole Shoes

  • Heavy Furniture Movement

  • Toys With Sharp Bodies

  • Heavy Items Dropped Off

  • Heavy Traffic In Home Floor

  • Water Can Spoil Your Wood Floor

  • Conclusion

Sharp Sole Shoes:

Wood flooring is no doubt an attractive flooring material. But it is such a vulnerable natural floor material. So, it can damage the floor like little chisels. Such as heels and sharp soles can cause dents and damage to wood floors. 

Thus, every step you take on the floor can scuff and scratch the floor finish. Like shoes with black rubber soles can cause black stains on the floor. High heels can cause the worst dings and dents on the hardwood flooring. So, always keep your shoes at the doorstep from the wooden floor. Like you place a sign saying ‘’please remove your shoes’’ 

Heavy Furniture Movement:

Furniture items at home are usually quite heavyweight and material. Like wood, metal, marble, and plastic material furniture. So, all of them can badly scratch and dent your Engineered Wood Flooring. In most cases, people drag the furniture on the floor during shiftings and remodeling.

 And you have to drag the furniture over the floor such as beds, dining tables, barstools, chairs, and dressers, etc. Moreover, if the wood floors in the office rolling chairs can also damage floors. Sofa sets can also have stubborn dents and scratches when dragged over wooden floors. 

Toys With Sharp Bodies:

You might be wondering how many toys can cause any damage to the wooden floor. So, every kid has toys to play with at home. And these toys cause serious trouble to your floor outlook. Floods such as hardwood floors are quite a sensitive type of flooring. 

Thus, if the toys can be ridden like miniature vehicles, rocking horses, etc. These kinds of toys cause grinding and scratching of wooden floors. And these further cause dents and dings. Thus, make sure to use toys only around carpeted floors.

Heavy Items Dropped Off:

Humans are made to commit errors. As there is a major possibility of items to be shipped from our hands onto the floor. Moreover, the items can get knocked onto the floor. Item drop usually occurs around high-traffic areas. Such as kitchen, living room, and pantry, etc. 

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Like you may drop food cans, utensils, liquids, iron pans, and other kitchen items. You may also drop other heavy items over the floor in the living room. So, this can cause the hardwood floor to get dents and scratches. 

Heavy Traffic On Home Floor:

If you have bought a new home and it has a wooden floor in it. So, if you move out or into a new home. And your home floors get a lot of dings and dents. Such as movement of mighty boxes and furniture items can drop on floors.

 Moreover, any heavy appliance can drag along the floor. It also gets dent and scratch by heel shoes. So, you need to have proper professionals to help you in moving your boxes. As no one can care for your wooden floor as you do. 

Water Can Spoil Your Wood Floor:

Water is a true culprit of wooden floors. And there is a possibility of spills and splashes of liquid on the floor. So, the longer the water stays the longer the damage is. This may cause swelling of the wood. Thus, the wood gets swollen up. And this can also cause your wooden floor to spoil. 


In conclusion, you must have an idea that wooden floors are the choicest type of flooring. And you know that these are vulnerable to many tragedies. There are many culprits involved in the damage to wooden floors. Such as heavy traffic on the floor, water, and liquid damages the floors. 

Moreover, the movement of heavy furniture, sharp toys, and sharp heels can also cause dings and dents on the floor. Make sure to be extra careful in taking care of your wooden floor. And also keeps the floor dent and scratch-free by avoiding errors. Thus, you can simply take help from professionals for better care and precautions of wooden floors. And keep them sturdy and shiny.