June 8, 2024


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Business Strategy Certifications to advance your career in 2022

Business strategy certifications to advance your career in 2022

No matter the cutting-edge process positions, getting forward within the business career sector typically necessitates gaining additional credentials and schooling. Certifications from several institutions could be used to indicate your further experience. There are various business certifications available, and some can help you advance your career more than others, so it’s important to educate yourself on your options so you can make the best selection for you. Let us look through the credible business strategy certifications and courses to help you advance your profession.

Business Strategy from Wharton: Competitive Advantage

This course was developed by edx to provide professionals with the tools and frameworks they will need to plan and execute a successful strategy. Professionals will learn how to assess their business strategy and identify potential sources of competitive advantage from a perspective that considers their plan’s internal, external, and dynamic fit. By the end of this course professionals will be able to:

  • assess the strategic environment of their business at present and in the future
  • differentiate organizational effectiveness and strategic positioning
  • discover their firm’s core and supporting operations and how they interconnect to detect organizational impediments to strategy implementation and organizational transformation.
  • ways to participate in a successful strategic planning process

Associate Business Strategy Professional (ABSPTM)

ABSPTM is offered by The Strategy Institute (TSI). By earning this business strategy certification online professionals will stand out among a sea of applicants for the best employers and jobs. Today, this credential is the most widely recognized in the discipline of business strategy. ABSPTM is suited for students majoring in finance, sales, business analytics, healthcare, pharmacy, and technology, as well as those majoring in virtually any professional field. Individuals with a master’s degree in business, finance, human resource management, economics, management, or a closely related discipline from a legally recognized institution under a country’s law are eligible to apply for this credential. Individuals pursuing a master’s degree must be enrolled in a TSI-affiliated institution or organization, or be explicitly approved by a competent academic authority at their university, institution, or business school. There are three tracks available for this certification:

  • Track 1: MBA or master’s qualification with at least three years of work experience
  • Track 2: Bachelor’s qualification with at least five years of work experience
  • Track 3: Students of MBA or master’s programs in TSI-affiliated business schools and universities

Strategic Management Professional (SMP)

SMP is offered by the Association for Strategic Planning. This business strategy certification online is intended for people working at senior management levels within an organization. Candidates who want to become certified strategic management professionals must be able to demonstrate their ability to develop and implement strategic plans at senior management levels within organizations. They need to show that they understand business processes and know-how to use them effectively to drive organizational change. The eligibility requirements for this certification are:

  • At least five years of professional experience in the field of certification ability or in addition to BOK, complete a business, public or non-profit degree Management; strategic planning; or strategic management with topics such as – planning, analysis, market research, politics, organizational design, change process, interviews, risk analysis, project management, budgeting, performance reports, decision-making and a high level of competence in five business insights
  • At least seven years of professional experience in the field of certification ability or in addition to BOK, active designation and completion as a Strategic Planning Professional (SPP)
  • At least 10 years of professional experience in any or all areas of certification

Digital strategies for business

This business strategy course is offered by the Columbia Business School. This program is designed for senior executives and managers who want to develop creative strategies and business models that will help their company survive in the digital age. This course contains seven modules which include topics such as:

  • Domains of digital transformation
  • Customer networks and the new path to purchase
  • Understanding digital customer behaviors
  • Platform business models
  • Mastering disruptive business models
  • Translating the lean startup to enterprise-scale innovation

Participants will receive a business strategy certification of participation from Emeritus and Columbia Business School Executive Education and one certification credit toward a Business Excellence upon completion of the program.